Paper Quilled Flower Card

7 strips Teal

5strips Aqua

4 strips Navy

Blank Card

Slotted Quilling tool

Aileen’s Tacky Glue

Step 1- Insert 1 navy strip into the slotted tool roll paper one on top of each other thill you reach the end, remove from tool keeping roll tight add a dot of glue at the end. Repeat till you have 2 navy and 2 teal.

Step 2- roll 1 aqua strip similar to step 1, however do not add glue onto the end, let the roll go and then pinch the end into a tear drop shape. Reaper until you have 5 aqua and 5 teal tear drops.

Step 3- arrange tear drop point side in, shape like a flower and glue together, add the navy roll on top of your flower.

Step 4- add the additional navy strips to the outer edge of the teal circles.

Arrange on Card how you see fit.

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