Heading to Disney...

For almost 2yrs we have been active foster parents. We are heading to the home of the big Mickey Mouse with our 3 boys. We decide we should make T-shirts the boys helped me design them and chose what they said. Mine and Matt's Shirts say Mom and Dad!!!!!!!! I cannot express how much that means to us. You see the boys we have living with us have a plan for adoption. Matt and I are doing everything in our power to adopt these wonderful kids. We are so giddy that they chose to put Mom and Dad on the shirts, moments like this make us all teary eyed, because it shows us how much we mean to them. Kids cant express emotions like adults, they cant say what they feel, or sometimes what they think. raising kids is like playing guess who 24/7 but with their feelings. Times that by 3 I'm sure it now makes sense why I've not been as active online. I love being a parent, its all I've ever wanted.

We are all packed ready and prepping to adult cry about how expensive everything is. We have matching masks and shirts. We are also going to a wedding celebration for some awesome people. Seriously guys if your reading this, thanks for letting us bring a plus 3.

After we return I will get back to work and start making some very awesome creations.

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