Deep in thought

Often times when I am creating pieces I get very deep In thought. Mostly it’s about my past Trauma and the back and forth of should it be shared? Should I speak out against the wrong doings that were done. I‘ve spent the last six years processing this and still I don’t have an answer. I will share this because this part I am ready too. If you are paying attention you’ve heard of whats happening with Britney Spears. The current Conservatorship laws are wrong and can In many cases be extremely abusive. I am speaking this experience! I lost an entire decade of my life because of conservatorship, it put me through hell. I survived and my life is currently very awesome, but I had to fight hard for the right to be my own person.

many of you who have meet me or know who I am probably never knew this, however I feel it’s time to slowly start speaking my truth.

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