Back From Hiatus

Hello All!!! I am back from taking a year Hiatus from blogging my life and art. As many can probably relate last year was incredibly hard and we are still navigating through this world filled with COVID-19. I have still been creating throughout COVID-19 I’ve just felt very detached from my world that has become my life. For the last 3 1/2 years most of my socialization and all of my work has been very centered around going to shows or teaching in the classroom. When that stopped last March it was just very hard. A lot of good also happen during 2020. Our family grew and shrunk during our adventures in foster care.We love being foster parents and we are so excited to still be on this journey. My husband was able to quickly find another job after being laid off due to COVID-19. We bought our first home. My husband graciously agreed to let me finally get my dream dog, he should arrive in a few weeks. And we came out both healthy and OK. Now that 2021 is here and I’m starting to feel more hopeful about the future, we are getting back into outdoor shows. I’m looking forward to another adventurous year. I also started playing with watercolor pencil backgrounds for my quilling to elevate it a little bit more. Over the next few weeks I’ll be editing my website to highlight some more of the newer things that I’m doing. I am looking forward to being back on track and invested in my art. Also check out my cow because it is so cute!!!!

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