Appa's Fundraiser Recap

During the month of April I took 10% of my earnings and donated it to the Nation Nefounland Rescue. I was able to donate $85.00. My reason for donating was to celebrate Appa turning one. I love my adorably dim, emotionally attached Newfoundland. I really want more of my own. he is my favorite dog. ( don't tell Sammy and Jaskier Potato) I take Appa to a lot of places with me for training and I honestly feel more secure with him around. Often people will excitedly say I want a Newfie too! I always reply please do your research Newfies are a lot of work I waiting 11yrs before I was ready for my Newf. With all the research and planning i did for Appa i still was under prepared. I have a great trainer for those teenage behaviors and an awesome vet. I gave the notion of ever having clean floors and I wear a shirt over my going our shirt because Newfies Drool Alot. Appa knows he's a big boy and uses it to his advantage. sometimes I wait 20mins for him to settle so we can move on with our day. Still I regret nothing I love him beyond words.

I am grateful for breed specific rescues because every dog breed is different. if you want to check them here is their website. Home | National Newfoundland Rescue Enjoy this adorable picture of my goofball baby.

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