Appa's Fundraiser

April is a big month for us. We are celebrating 11yrs of business. My Birthday and one of our Littles turns 10. We also have Appa's 1st Birthday, Appa is our Landseer Newfoundland. If you know me at all, you know I'm obsessed with dogs. We now have 3 dogs Sammy, Appa, and Jaskier Potato. ( yes that's really his name)

I love all my dogs, however I've wanted a Newfie for forever. he is a special part of my life and I love his adorable dimness. He is 100lbs of big baby, he is attention seeking and loves kids. ( kind of like an adorable sky bison) To celebrate Appa turning 1 we are donating 10% of all April's sales to the National Newfoundland Rescue. Every Newfie deserves a loving home. No one will cuddle you better than a Newfie.

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