50 shades of Rainbow

I associate my personality As a rainbow, I am many different colors combined into one beautiful mess. lately I have been feeling gray( not depressed) it’s like there this film over my life right now, it’s unlike anything I‘ve ever felt before. I am pretty sure it’s the overwhelming feeling of meh And uncertainty I’ve been struggling with.

I am not good With What If‘s I feel like the thoudands of what if‘s is making my life gray.

we have been really blessed through this whole thing. we’ve gotten some help with my business, we’ve been able to manage our most bills on a lot less income, and we’ve not killed each other (yet).I am so grateful For every thing.

I wanted to share this picture my hubby took with the new camera we bought for the business . this picture perfectly describes my feeling of going through life in the current. I’m creating things and having moments of joy but I’m also just gray.

Hopefully this rainbow will soon again

be vibrant and colorful.

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