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Imperfectionz Art is a family business creating Paper quilling and Polymer Clay Art.  


Mattie is the owner and primary creator, she makes almost everything by herself and has been a professional artist for twelve years. She makes Art by night while during the day is a super mom to her three dogs, one child and husband.


Matt is Mattie’s assistant. He helps with transportation, paperwork, and anything else Mattie needs. 


Paper Quilling is the Renaissance Art of taking strips of paper and curling them into different shapes and collecting those into patterns and designs. Mattie has put her own spin on it and has elevated the paper quilling art forum beyond traditional flowers and patterns. Mattie learned paper quilling as a family tradition, passed down from generations.


Polymer Clay is a oven baked Clay that Mattie turns into tiny charms, jewelry, beads, Zen gardens, and her newest creation Critter Cups, using two different types of clay to make a unique art piece.

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